Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 3

Good Morning, or at least it is morning here.  It is day 3 and work is going very well. It is very busy and i am struggling in the evenings to stay awake.  by the time i get back to my hotel, which is around 6pm here, i am starting to feel pretty tired.  By 7, 8pm i am absolutely unable to keep my eyes open.  Keep in mind back in portland it is 4am...for those of you on the east coast 7am...both the day before.  
time calculations...if you want to know what time it is where i
From portland subtract 8 hours and make it the next day. (east coast, subtract 11 hrs).
or just look online at a world clock. look for taipei.

ok..so plenty to right but i am considerably late for breakfast....
here is a pic of the view out of my room.

oh and weather here has been great, upper 60's and 70's.  bright and sunny!

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Anonymous said...

A little warmer than here. Only about 15 to 20 degrees!!! Glad to hear everything is going well. Talk to ya later.

Luv ya, Chris