Monday, March 9, 2009

March 10th - Trip to Taipei

So today I had to head up north to Taipei to visit a couple of companies.  We decided to take the highspeed rail.  I was very excited about this because what would have been a 2.5 hr car trip was now just under and hour by high speed rail.    This is an image of the rail station.  The next image is a photo of the inside of the business class rail car. 
It was very comfortable and moved very quickly...approximately 186 mph.  
In between our vendor visits, we had time to visit the Taipei 101.  It used to be the tallest building in the world, last year.  I did not go up to the top because as you can see it is cloudy today, so we wouldnt get to see too much.  Its really really tall though, higher than the empire states building....
Here is a shot of me infront if the building....
just for proof i was there : ).....

On the inside of this building is a high end shopping center.  We went in to visit a specific store for my project, but i was pleasantly surprised to find a few stores! 

I have never seen nor been to a DeBeers store, so i was very excited about this.  I did not go 
inside, but kinda wish i had now....but we didnt have enough time.

So then when we went up to the next floor, what did i find directly above DeBeers?????????
A Tiffany's odd and coincedental!!!! 

So after we left the shopping center and visited with the next vendor, we headed to Fortune Tellar Row!
The ladies had told me about ancient chinese fortune tellers, so i asked if they could take me to one....just for curiosity....

So when we got here, we walked up and down the row until we found one that would be right for me....once we selected one, i sat down.  Since the fortune teller only speaks chinese, I had Irene to translate for me(she is on the right in the photo sitting in the chair against he wall.  She is a coworker from here in Taiwan.  
So i sat down and Irene told the fortune teller that we wanted the palm and face reading.  because of my age the facial location that would tell her the most were my eyebrows....: ) i hope they are not a mess? : )  So the fortune teller told Irene my fortune and Irene translated it for me.  It was a difficult process because Irene and the fortune teller would go back and forth talking for about 5 minutes and Irene would tell me 1 sentence......
We were finished after about 30 minutes.   overall, the fortune teller told me i would live to be 75 or 80, i would marry between age 32 and 36(in lunar years, which i am currently 31 in lunar years).  She told me all kinds of stuff about the age of the man i would marry and how i would have many choices of men to marry....all the information she provided was slightly random and fairly general...stuff that would apply to just about anyone...For example, she told me if i did not keep exercising, i would develope a disease.....: ) ok, and thats not happening with everyone?  it was a fun experience.  Oh and she advised me to watch out for men who lie about being married.....Duh!

ok another busy day.

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