Sunday, March 1, 2009

LEG 2 Seattle, wa to Tokyo, Japan

Well Leg 2...flying from seattle washington to Tokyo/Narita airport in Japan.  This is the long one.  approx: 10hrs and 45 minutes...ekkkk!!!  no worries though, thanks to nike i was fortunate to be seated in business class.  for those who are unfamiliar with business class, its pretty comfortable.  its about a seat and a half that almost reclines flat....its basically a big recliner. The serve you food and drinks...its all not too bad.  The food sounds way better than it actually looks or tastes..but i appreciate the effort at making an 11hr flight comfortable.  I just imagine that i am spending a day in the chair watching tv : )  The image above is the plane that i flew in to tokyo.  This plane is considerable bigger than the last one.  Lets just say there are seats as far as the eye can see.  I think it was a B777...or something.  Holds around 300 or so people.  so coach class is 3 seats, isle, 5 seats, isle, 3 seats.  business class is 2,3,2.  not a  bad way to fly at all.  
I spent most of my time watching "The Office" (my new favorite show). and reading on my new kindle 2....(its wicked sweet!).  I only managed to sleep for about 2 hours, which is good cause when i get to my final destination, it will be 2am in the morning, so i need to sleep when i get there. aka staying up on the plane is good.  This picture is from the plane window, descending into tokyo.

I am typing this from Tokyo Narito airport. Its funny because...its like this whole adventure when you land....first off you feel groggy, the plane was dark for the last 10 hours, so it seems like it was night and now its morning....WRONG, its actually evening in tokyo. I am not sure what time it is, but i will get to that in a moment.  so you get off the plane and of course, its no longer predominately english you are lies the challenge. Now to navigate to find your next flight....seems simple enough but everyone else seems to be in a hurry so that makes me feel like i might be in for a longer walk than i was planing.  I am thinking its around 4pm and my next flight is at 6pm, but i am not now they filter you into this area like a herd of cows and come to find out i have to go thru security again.  so pull the laptop out, make sure the secret black case gets thru...blah blah blah...whew made it threw with no to find the flight...luckily its close by and oh by the way there is the business class lounge.  So that is where i am now...but i got to go....U see the clocks are in military time, so it makes it confusing especially sometimes after long flights where I am out of it and groggy anyways...ok...will write more when i get to Taipei..actually taichung......taiwan!

ps...the bathrooms are weird and i forgot about that...definately not a high point of traveling in asia. ...but could be worse!

LEG 2 = COMPLETE!!! yes!! :)

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