Thursday, April 2, 2009


HI ya.....well here is a shoe i recently worked on.....the AIR YEEZY.
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an article about this shoe is linked below....

9000 pair are hitting the market starting 4/4/09.

Designers are really the only people who get public credit for product like this, but i was "innovator/developer" who made all of Mark and Kanye's wishes and designlines come true.  Of course i have a team of people supporting me also.....

Execute, execute, execute....move on to the next product and execute, execute, execute!  Thats the life of this Innovator at Nike.

It was a long and challenging process that had a killer shoe throughout every single step!

I wish the shoe the best and I thank Mark for asking me to work on it with him.  It was a pleasure as always. 

Also to the team... Chanhmy, Steve, Marlene, Patrice, Han, the whole sample room, Jaro and all the factory folks who put such a great effort into this program, THANKS a bunch, for your effort, your time, your patience and your laughter! 



Orchid images from international orchid show in Taiwan

Recovery insite!

Well i successfully returned to good ol' Oregon last thursday.  All my flights and travel went very smoothly, despite some 4hrs of turbulence from Narita to Portland.  

I am still adjusting to my new/old time zone.  Sometimes this is referred to as Jetlag....what is that you might ask?  Well you basically feel a little out of sorts because your body is used to the other time zone.  In my particular case, i have been having more difficulty that usual.  For example, it is 1:06am and i am wide awake.  This seems to have been the routine since i have returned....

1st day of return: mostly slept all day and all night, exhausted.  only woke up because i was hungry and that was in the late evenings and middle of the night.

2nd -4th days.  I would stay up until around 10, fall asleep and wake up promptly at 2am.  Wide awake with no hope of sleeping. I would stay up until around 7am and then fall asleep until around noon. (fortunately this was still the weekend, so it wasnt a big deal).  After i woke around noon, i would be up until 10pm or so.

5th  and 6th days (today)- things were looking up, i came home after work, i took a couple hour nap.  woke up for a little while and went to bed around midnight.  To my joyous surprise, i did not wake up until i heard my alarm at 6am.  Great i thought!!  so i go to work and get home.  Take my nap after work (5-9pm, a little long). And now i am up, not exactly wide awake, but definately not struggling to keep my eyes open.

OK so sleeping patterns are definitely an issue with jet lag.  So is food and brain function.

Food: well i am basically hungry in the middle of the night and not so much around lunch time.  breakfast and dinner, i am kinda hungry.  Its the mid-day meal that is throwing me off.  I must say though, it is extremely wonderful to be eating my normal food again!  although i stand to have more Indian food and mochi!

As for brain functions, they dont work the same when you have jet-lag.  At least for me, i cant always think straight and my memory seems to be lacking at times.  speech can be a bit blurred and stuttery. Overall its probably equivalent to how some folks behave from having too much to drink! : )  

It just takes time to readjust!