Thursday, May 15, 2008

surprising mom for mothers day

So on the way home fro
a work trip in nyc and dc, I decided to stop by my old stomping ground and surprise my mom for mothers day. My brothers and dad were able to help out by picking me up and arranging for a mothers day dinner at Red Lobster.  We were sure to arrive before my mom and when she did, "i thought she was gonna have a heart attach!"   The surprise was a total shocker and very fun. Unfortunately i dont have any pics from it, but it was worth it.
Time with family was great. All are well.  The first pic is a pic with my nephew bricen...Such a sweetie pie. He is 5 now. He is such a snuggler!
Was able to also visit with Below is my cousin Courtney and the fam.  Watcher her play a highschool softball game...ahhh brings back good ol memories on my days on the field. 
And then a pic with another cousin Zach.