Sunday, March 1, 2009

Leg 1 Portland, Oregon to Sea-tac, washington

I in fact do sometimes think i am on the Amazing Race for some of these trips.  To the left is the plane that i was on from portland to Seattle.  It was quite small. I was very nervous because there was a big wind coming out of the gorge.  I had to walk out of the airport to get on the plane and the wind was almost blowing me over. after i saw that this was the size of the plane, i kinda thought we would be blown all over the place.....the pilot also said we would be hitting some heavy turbulence on our way to cruising altitude.  I was happily surprised when it was a very smooth flight, barely any tturbulence at all.
to let you know the size of the plane, it was a single row on one side with a double row on the other,  and only about 12 rows total, so about 36 people.

This photo is from the plane window as we were descending into sea-tac airport near Seattle.

LEG 1 = COMPLETE!  yes!

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