Saturday, March 14, 2009


My apologies to my loyal readers for me not being able to post since tuesday. I feel so behind and i have so much to share...but as usual work comes today is sunday and i am hoping to make back posts for the last few days.  So look down below this post and before march 10th post....thats where i am adding them....

some quick corrections on prior posts:
so the folks here in taiwan do not call the "scooters", scooters.  they are called bikes.  To them a scooter is something different and me not being up on my bike.scooter jargon creates confusion...anyways you know what i mean! there are still alot of little "bikes" all over the place over here.

some more fun:
 so my toilet in the hotel stopped flushing sometime last night.  at first i thought it may be a way to save water because they were having a drought and all(even though it has rained a ton), but this morning, it still didnt work.. so i called in housekeeping....they came in and i went out while they were cleaning and fixing and came back with food (mcdonalds!?!) they said it would be 5 minutes....but now it has been at least 15 and my mcdonalds is cold and they are still working....I am tempted to leave and go eat elsewhere, but i dont think it would be polite to let anyone see me scarf down this american mcdonalds food, cause that is what i am going to do.......

cheers and happy sunday!

btw - the post times are wrong cause it is noon here!

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Anonymous said...

You write when you can. I don't mind waiting. You tried calling at 7am our time and no one was here. So try calling now if you are up.

Love ya and be safe, Chris